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6 September
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meet me, gadiskacamata desu (^^,)
hontou ni, I never dreamed of becoming hard-to-die fans of HeySayJump...
I even refused to listen any Japanese song before since I'm addicted with K-pop at that time... but slowly I'm become interested with J-pop after I'm watching Nobuta Wo Produce; the first J-drama that I watched with my twin and my housemate-Shu during my sem 5 diploma... since our class got canceled, so we watched from the first EP until last ep which required a whole day!!!!
And starting that day, I'm hunting for Jdrama... and my twin had introduced to me Gokusen series... and the first series that I watched was Gokusen3... The rest is history...


becoz I had fall in love with Yuyann... I got to know that he and Yuto (Kame's brother in Nobuta Wo Produce) were in the same group and at that time I watched Super Delicate PV... My eyes keep on him... "...Yuyannn so kakkoii in that PV..." -even I'm disagree towards his attitude that time...- later, I found Aino Ariko PV and from that moment, I become one of hard-to-die Tobikko (^^,)

I am happy when Yuyann had changed his attitude... I don't care if people keeps calling him as baka or onee... I'm rather choose BakaYuya or Yuuko-Mama rather than Yuyann-Ogata version... (^^,)

so minna-san... gomen ne since my introduction quite long... from now on, yoroshiku neee~~~ (^^,)

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